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Geiger of Austria Fashions, Clothing, Boiled Wool
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 Geiger Women's Clothing Fall and Winter 2014

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Fall & Winter 2014-2015 Specials

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Novelty Duffle Coat (SKU: 11290 42 Special Price)Novelty Duffle Coat (SKU: 11290 42 Special Price)
Classic A-Line Carcoat (SKU: 51443 42 - SPECIAL PRICE)Classic A-Line Carcoat (SKU: 51443 42 - SPECIAL PRICE)
"THE" Geiger Carcoat (SKU: 65511 42)"THE" Geiger Carcoat (SKU: 65511 42)

We are proud that we may present these
high-end fashions

To You!
The European Experience,

    from GEIGER of AUSTRIA

You will find the
only complete Collection
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Geiger of Austria Women's European Designer Clothing 
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~ One of a Kind -- Unique -- 
Exclusive -- European

Where is Geiger of Austria located?

Tyrol, Austria!

- where they get their great fashion ideas!
For a taste of Tyrolean fashion
Click and See
 Fall and Winter 2014-2015!
Fall and Winter 2012-2013 and Fall and Winter 2013-2014

Spring and Summer 2015

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Summer Cotton Stretch Shift (SKU: 27310 51)Summer Cotton Stretch Shift (SKU: 27310 51)
Shirt-Waist Dress (SKU: 27410 51)Shirt-Waist Dress (SKU: 27410 51)
City Chic Blouse (SKU: 37340 51)City Chic Blouse (SKU: 37340 51)
Quilted Vest (SKU: 57030 51)Quilted Vest (SKU: 57030 51)
Stretch Cotton Jacket (SKU: 57040 51)Stretch Cotton Jacket (SKU: 57040 51)
Quilted Wool Jacket (SKU: 57120 51)Quilted Wool Jacket (SKU: 57120 51)
Quilted Floral Jacket (SKU: 57130 51)Quilted Floral Jacket (SKU: 57130 51)
Geiger Hoodie Jacket (SKU: 57140 51)Geiger Hoodie Jacket (SKU: 57140 51)
Tailored Unique Geiger Jacket (SKU: 65930 51)Tailored Unique Geiger Jacket (SKU: 65930 51)
Funnel Neck Jacket (SKU: 67310 51)Funnel Neck Jacket (SKU: 67310 51)
"Bolero" Jacket (SKU: 67330 51)"Bolero" Jacket (SKU: 67330 51)
Lined Ladies Short Vest (SKU: 67440 51)Lined Ladies Short Vest (SKU: 67440 51)
Unique Stand-up Collar Jacket (SKU: 67550 51)Unique Stand-up Collar Jacket (SKU: 67550 51)
Jacket with Ruffle Stand-up Collar (SKU: 67760 51)Jacket with Ruffle Stand-up Collar (SKU: 67760 51)
Jacquard Knit Cardigan (SKU: 77190 51)Jacquard Knit Cardigan (SKU: 77190 51)
Ladies Two Button Cardigan (SKU: 77220 51)Ladies Two Button Cardigan (SKU: 77220 51)
Ladies Notched-Neck Cardigan (SKU: 77240  51)Ladies Notched-Neck Cardigan (SKU: 77240 51)
Ladies Cardi-Jacket (SKU: 77300 51)Ladies Cardi-Jacket (SKU: 77300 51)
Extra Light Boiled-Wool Jacket (SKU: 77310 51)Extra Light Boiled-Wool Jacket (SKU: 77310 51)
Geiger Cardi-Jacket HOODY (SKU: 77320 51)Geiger Cardi-Jacket HOODY (SKU: 77320 51)
"Dirndl" Style Cardigan (SKU: 77410 51)"Dirndl" Style Cardigan (SKU: 77410 51)
UPS Next Day Air Server: Depends where you live (SKU: 99997)UPS Next Day Air Server: Depends where you live (SKU: 99997)
3 Day Shipping (SKU: 99998)3 Day Shipping (SKU: 99998)
International Shipping (SKU: 99999)International Shipping (SKU: 99999)

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    Women's & Men's Clothing - coats, jackets for every season!
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    Women's designer clothing, and fashions, ladies apparel, men's jackets!
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    GEIGER of Austria produces the finest wool, linen, and cotton knit garments in
    women's clothing, also in

    Tyrolean fashions -
    Alpine quality, with European designs!

    Did you know that Geiger of Austria is a "GREEN" company?

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    Beautiful High-End Women's Clothing with *Free Shipping* on all Geiger of Austria Products!   

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    Geiger of Austria is a leader in the European fashion industry, producing fashion trends, designer brands, designer clothes and they have their own designer labels.

    Geiger was GREEN even before being GREEN
    was in style!

      The designer clothing includes
    summer clothing such as linen jackets, linen pants, linen skirts, linen dresses,cotton pants, cotton capris, cotton skirts, linen blouses, cotton blouses and cotton tops; and many blends as well as Boiled Wool products.
    Winter clothing
    includes capes, coats, jackets, pullovers, shirts, skirts, pants, and jeans and more.

    Shop for jackets, coats, capes, vests, hoodys, skirts.   Pants, designer jeans, and accessory wear also available.
    Women's clothing include fashionable jackets, coats, ski clothing and country wear.
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